All datasets at Public Data Market

hkdata / crhkdocuments

Documents filed by Hong Kong companies

hkdata / crhk

Up-to-date information about Hong Kong's registered companies, directly from its Companies Registry

hkdata / hkpropertytransactions

Comprehensive data about Hong Kong residential property sales from multiple sources

hkdata / hkexdisclosures

Cleaned copies of the Disclosures of Interests by directors and substantial shareholders of Hong Kong-listed companies

hkdata / sfclicences

The latest licences from Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission

hkdata / sfcprincipals

Up-to-date contact information of all Hong Kong SFC-licenced principals, including complaints officers

hkdata / hkjcodds

Odds of HKJC horses winning or being placed in real time, updated every minute from midnight on raceday, for all races since December 2021

hkdata / hkjcraces

All available race and horse statistics from the Hong Kong Jockey Club from the 1970s until today, updated in real time on raceday

domaindata / rootzonedb

Details of top-level domains from IANA

jameswebbtelescope / jameswebbtemps

Temperatures of James Webb telescope over time, scraped from official NASA page

israeldata / israelcompanies

The list of companies in Israel's official registry, along with some details such as address and date of incorporation

hkdata / crhknames

History of names of all Hong Kong companies

israeldata / redalerts

Time and location of all threats the Israeli Home Front Command warns of, from incoming rockets and aircraft to terrorist infiltration.

israeldata / bechirot

Israeli Knesset (parliament) election results from the 15th (1999) to the 25th (2022)

hkdata / accessgovhk

Up-to-date contact information of all Hong Kong Access to Information Officers

hkdata / govhkdomains

Subdomains of

hkdata / hkwanteds

The Hong Kong criminals most wanted by Hong Kong police

hkdata / sfcpeople

The licensed individuals from Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission

hkdata / jetcoatms

Details of JETCO ATMs in Hong Kong and Macau