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Residential buildings in Ngau Tau Kok

Building name Phase name Estate name Address Date of completion
TAK KEE HOUSE [德基樓] 253 KWUN TONG ROAD [觀塘道253號] 1973-10-01
CHIT WONG MANSION [捷煌樓] 305 KWUN TONG ROAD [觀塘道305號] 1971-08-01
TAI HING BUILDING [泰興大廈] 301-303 NGAU TAU KOK ROAD [牛頭角道301-303號] 1962-01-01
KAY YUE HOUSE (BLOCK D) [基裕閣 (D座)] ON KAY COURT [安基苑] 20 CHUN WAH ROAD [振華道20號] 1984-06-01
CHUN WAH COURT [振華苑] 22 CHUN WAH ROAD [振華道22號] 1990-07-01
WING YING BUILDING [永英樓] 263 KWUN TONG ROAD [觀塘道263號] 1973-10-01
DOR HEI BUILDING [多喜大廈] 9-17 TING FU STREET [定富街17號] 1972-11-01
LAP HING BUILDING [立興大樓] 37-43 TING ON STREET [定安街43號] 1972-01-01
KING WAH BUILDING (HOUSE) [敬華樓] 63-67 TING ON STREET [定安街65號] 1970-07-01
LOK SIN BUILDING [樂善大廈] 25-35 TING ON STREET [定安街25號] 1973-08-01
YICK FU HOUSE [億富樓] 5-7 TING FU STREET [定富街5-7號] 1979-09-01
ON TAI BUILDING [安泰大樓] 45-51 TING ON STREET [定安街47號] 1973-01-01
WAH FAT HOUSE [華發樓] 45-47 TING FU STREET [定富街47號] 1972-10-01
TING SHING HOUSE [定勝樓] 53-63 TING FU STREET [定富街63號] 1972-09-01
ON YIN BUILDING [安賢樓] 49-51 TING FU STREET [定富街51號] 1971-07-01
TAK CHEONG HOUSE [德昌樓] 174-176 NGAU TAU KOK ROAD [牛頭角道174號] 1974-07-01
TING SHING HOUSE [定勝樓] 71-79 TING FU STREET [定富街75號] 1971-01-01
YEN HAU MANSION [仁厚大廈] 94-110 TING FU STREET [定富街100號] 1977-10-01
TSUT HEI BUILDING [七喜大廈] 4-24 TING FU STREET [定富街20號] 1970-03-01
SHUI KEI HOUSE [瑞其樓] 160 NGAU TAU KOK ROAD [牛頭角道160號] 1973-10-01
FU ON BUILDING [富安樓] 91-93 TING ON STREET [定安街93號] 1971-12-01
YAN WING MANSION [欣榮大樓] 239-249 KWUN TONG ROAD [觀塘道241號] 1974-02-01
2 TING FU STREET [定富街2號] 2 TING FU STREET [定富街2號] 1972-08-01
WING MING BUILDING [永明樓] 114 TING ON STREET [定安街114號] 1972-03-01
12-14 TING YUE SQUARE [定裕坊12-14號] 12-14 TING YUE SQUARE [定裕坊12-14號] 1972-03-01
HING FUNG BUILDING [興風樓] 8 TING YUE SQUARE [定裕坊8號] 1970-02-01
CHI CHEONG BUILDING [致昌大廈] 2-4E YEE ON STREET [宜安街4E號] 1961-02-01
SHEUNG HEU BUILDING [雙喜大廈] 94-98 TING ON STREET [定安街96號] 1972-03-01
WING NGAI MANSION [永毅大樓] 11 LUEN ON STREET [聯安街11號] 1967-02-01
ON TAK BUILDING [安德大廈] 50 TING YIP STREET [定業街50號] 1974-09-01
LIN ON BUILDING [連安大樓] 17-23A LUEN ON STREET [聯安街19-23A號] 1962-12-01
YEN NING BUILDING [仁寧大廈] 7-19 TING YIP STREET [定業街19號] 1972-05-01
TING YIP MANSION [定業樓] 4-10 TING YIP STREET [定業街8號] 1972-05-01
24 TING YIP STREET [定業街24號] 24 TING YIP STREET [定業街24號] 1978-09-01
26 TING YIP STREET [定業街26號] 26 TING YIP STREET [定業街26號] 1972-07-01
WING SHING BUILDING [永盛樓] 14 TING YIP STREET [定業街14號] 1972-07-01
22 TING YIP STREET [定業街22號] 22 TING YIP STREET [定業街22號] 1972-12-01
PARK MANSION [百富閣] 3 TING YUE SQUARE [定裕坊3號] 1994-09-01
18-20 TING YIP STREET [定業街18-20號] 18-20 TING YIP STREET [定業街18-20號] 1972-12-01
KAY SHUN HOUSE (BLOCK B) [基信閣 (B座)] ON KAY COURT [安基苑] 20 CHUN WAH ROAD [振華道20號] 1982-06-01
SAN HEI BUILDING [三喜大廈] 95-103 TING ON STREET [定安街103號] 1969-03-01
KATHY'S COURT [家利閣] 30 TING FU STREET [定富街30號] 1992-10-01
TAK MING BUILDING (HOUSE) [德明樓] 273 KWUN TONG ROAD [觀塘道273號] 1973-05-01
FOO YUE BUILDING [富裕大廈] 83-103 TING FU STREET [定富街93號] 1976-08-01
TING ON BUILDING (HOUSE) [定安樓] 53-61 TING ON STREET [定安街57號] 1970-12-01
ON CHEUNG HOUSE [安祥大樓] 311-315 KWUN TONG ROAD [觀塘道313號] 1970-02-01
TING FU HOUSE [定富樓] 105-119 TING FU STREET [定富街115號] 1971-07-01
TING HING BUILDING [定興大廈] 69-75 TING ON STREET [定安街73號] 1981-01-01
HING FUNG BUILDING [興風樓] 10 TING YUE SQUARE [定裕坊10號] 1970-12-01
TING YIP BUILDING [定業大廈] 30-42 TING YIP STREET [定業街36號] 1974-09-01
FOO ON BUILDING [富安大廈] 3-19 TING ON STREET [定安街9號] 1976-03-01
KAM WO BUILDING [金和樓] 164-170 NGAU TAU KOK ROAD [牛頭角道170號] 1973-09-01
SHIU (SIU) KING BUILDING [兆景樓] 2-8 ON WAH STREET [安華街2-8號] 1975-08-01
KAY HONG HOUSE (BLOCK C) [基康閣 (C座)] ON KAY COURT [安基苑] 20 CHUN WAH ROAD [振華道20號] 1984-06-01

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