HKEX disclosure form number IS20231026E00375

shareholder_name Tong, Xiaomeng, 童小幪
stock_code 02602
canonicalcorporation Onewo Inc.
formserialnumber IS20231026E00375
form3 20231026E00375
event_type IS
formtype FORM 1 - Individual Substantial Shareholder Notice
assetclass Others
number_issued 330042000
dateevent 2023-10-24
dateformfiled 2023-10-26
position1_eventcode 1213
position1_codebefore 2201
position1_numberofshares 180,000,000
supplementaryinfo Reference is made to the announcement of Onewo Inc. dated October 24, 2023 in relation to the conversion of 720,378,000 domestic shares and 300,042,000 unlisted foreign shares, including the 180,000,000 unlisted foreign shares held by Radiant Sunbeam Limited, and the listing of the H shares so converted. After such conversion, Tong Xiaomeng is no longer deemed to be interested in any unlisted foreign shares pursuant to the Securities and Futures Ordinance.
long_number_before 180000000
long_number_change -180000000
long_percent_before 54.54
long_percent_change -54.54
net_number_before 180000000
net_percent_before 54.54
net_percent_change -54.54
long_percent_before_actual 54.53851328012799
net_percent_before_actual 54.53851328012799
net_percent_change_actual -54.53851328012799