HKEX disclosure form number DA20230919E00282

shareholdername Kuang, MING, 匡明
stock_code 09955
canonicalcorporation ClouDr Group Ltd.
formserialnumber DA20230919E00282
form3 20230919E00282
event_type DA
formtype FORM 3A - Director/Chief Executive Notice - Interests in Shares of Listed Corporation
sharetype Ordinary
number_issued 587038219
dateevent 2023-09-18
datefiled 2023-09-19
position1_eventcode 1101
position1_codebefore 2101
position1_numberofshares 3,200
position1_currency HKD
position1_highestprice 6.2800
position1_averageprice 6.2800
supplementaryinfo For Box 27, Mr. Kuang was granted various voting proxies over the ordinary shares of the Company, which in aggregate amount to 39,032,605 shares in the Company.
longnumberbefore 130525385
longnumberafter 130528585
longnumberchange 3200
longpercentbefore 22.23
longpercentafter 22.24
longpercentchange 0.01