HKEX disclosure form number DA20230919E00277

shareholdername Lo, Ka Shui, 羅嘉瑞
stock_code 00041
canonicalcorporation Great Eagle Holdings Ltd.
formserialnumber DA20230919E00277
form3 20230919E00277
event_type DA
formtype FORM 3A - Director/Chief Executive Notice - Interests in Shares of Listed Corporation
sharetype Ordinary
number_issued 747723345
dateevent 2023-09-15
datefiled 2023-09-19
position1_eventcode 1316
position1_codebefore 2101
position1_codeafter 2201
position1_numberofshares 10,000
supplementaryinfo 1316: Transfer of Shares from personal interest to corporate interest. 2501: Discretionary beneficiary of a discretionary trust.
longnumberbefore 481392268
longnumberafter 481392268
longpercentbefore 64.38
longpercentafter 64.38