HKEX disclosure form number CS20230721E00728

shareholder_name Sony Group Corporation
stock_code 02192
canonicalcorporation Medlive Technology Co., Ltd.
formserialnumber CS20230721E00728
form3 20230721E00728
event_type CS
formtype FORM 2 - Corporate Substantial Shareholder Notice
assetclass Ordinary Shares
number_issued 724856250
registeredoffice 1-7-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075, Japan
principalplace N/A
listedexchange Tokyo Stock Exchange
parentdetails N/A
dateevent 2023-07-20
dateaware 2023-07-21
dateformfiled 2023-07-21
position1_eventcode 1711
position1_codebefore 2201
position1_codeafter 2201
supplementaryinfo Sony Group Corporation's percentage level of interest in the shares of Medlive Technology Co., Ltd. has reduced due to the allotment and issuance of certain shares as a result of the exercise of Pre-IPO share options by the option holder(s).
long_number_before 267540000
long_number_after 267540000
long_percent_before 37.14
long_percent_after 36.91
long_percent_change -0.23
net_number_before 267540000
net_percent_before 37.14
net_number_after 267540000
net_percent_after 36.91
net_percent_change -0.23
long_percent_before_actual 36.90938720608396
long_percent_after_actual 36.90938720608396
net_percent_before_actual 36.90938720608396
net_percent_after_actual 36.90938720608396