HKEX disclosure form number 20240514E00268

shareholder_name Shi, Ming, 施明
stock_code 02359
canonicalcorporation WuXi AppTec Co., Ltd.
formserialnumber DA20240514E00268
form3 20240514E00268
event_type DA
formtype FORM 3A - Director/Chief Executive Notice - Interests in Shares of Listed Corporation
assetclass A Shares
number_issued 2546315409
dateevent 2024-05-13
dateformfiled 2024-05-14
position1_eventcode 1711
supplementaryinfo The number of A Shares of the Company increased due to 7,874 A Shares being issued and registered following the vesting of the share options granted under the adjusted initial grant of the 2019 A Share Incentive Plan on May 13, 2024. 公司A股數量由於於2024年5月13日發行和登記根據2019年A股激勵計劃調整後首次授予授出的股票期權7,874股A股而增加。
long_number_before 2000
long_number_after 2000
net_number_before 2000
net_number_after 2000
long_percent_before_actual 7.85448649814144e-05
long_percent_after_actual 7.85448649814144e-05
net_percent_before_actual 7.85448649814144e-05
net_percent_after_actual 7.85448649814144e-05