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Hong Kong SFC licensed institution ALL223
HBK Hong Kong Limited

Below are up to 1000 licences that were found for SFC-licensed institution ALL223 on the SFC website.

Key for Role: RE = Respresentative, RO = Responsible Officer

SFC code English name Chinese name Role Activity Start date End date
AEK875 HONDA Nobuyuki 本田伸行 RE Asset Management 2005-04-22 2007-04-13
AJD185 SACHANANDANI Bharat Kumar 邵巴特 RE Asset Management 2007-09-17 2008-11-04
AJE235 LI Chun Yu, Benson 李振宇 RE Asset Management 2007-09-24 2007-11-15
ALL224 HIRSH Kenneth Michael RO Asset Management 2005-04-18 2006-08-31
ALL225 MILLER Benjamin Robert RO Asset Management 2005-04-18 2008-11-30
AMT762 KURELLA Vishnu Kumar RE Asset Management 2005-11-29 2008-03-29
ANA433 QUEK Sze Tien 郭思甸 RE Asset Management 2006-02-08 2008-09-14
ANH596 HELLER Benjamin Jayson RO Asset Management 2006-08-16 2008-10-01
AOB854 TSANG Wai Hang, Wayne 曾瑋衡 RE Asset Management 2006-10-26 2008-11-30
AOE464 MAROONGROGE Mark Andrew RE Asset Management 2006-11-29 2008-10-27
AOK494 KOROWE Julie Anne RE Asset Management 2007-03-05 2008-11-30
AOT685 PACKARD-REED Frank Charles RE Asset Management 2007-04-02 2008-11-30
APL447 LARAGH Robert Sealey RE Asset Management 2007-08-23 2008-07-04
APO549 PONG Hayden Hei Ting 龐熙霆 RE Asset Management 2007-09-07 2008-09-30
AQK951 CHEN Yi Ding 陳一丁 RE Asset Management 2008-03-28 2008-11-06
AQO498 WEIR Scott Robert RE Asset Management 2008-02-29 2008-10-29
ARH138 BROWN Jonathan Neill RO Asset Management 2008-09-26 2008-11-30

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