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About DataGuru.hk, Hong Kong's premier open data platform

Hong Kong has masses of public data available, but most of it is not structured and clean. dataguru.hk is an open data platform, where Hong Kong public data is available for everyone for free, sustained by providing value-added services such as personalised interactive dashboards, APIs, emailed updates, and predictive analytics models to clients such as hedge funds, recruiters, journalists and academics.

The code used to collect and clean the data is available on request, as is the clean data, on one condition: that the code and data, and any changes you make to them, are kept open by you. Only if you want to use them commercially do you need to pay.

We currently have or are working on collecting the following data. If there is any data you need on an ongoing or one-off basis, please contact us using the form below.

We also provide a service for querying the data, allowing you to analyse the data without needing to use SQL or Excel, although we can also integrate our data with those formats. Please get in touch to discuss custom installations of our software or data APIs for you, as well as custom analytics requirements.

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